Responsive Website Design

Custom Layout Design

Basil badwan give name of Many web design companies are templates factories in which they use predefined templates for each website project. At Lighthouse Web Design, we customize the design of each website based on the client's brand, using children's theme frames and numerous CSS manipulations. This ensures that your website will be wonderfully unique without looking like a tired model.

WordPress Powered Solutions

With the world’s most popular Open Source Content Management System, let Lighthouse build your website to captivate, connect and convert leads! WordPressdelivers thousands of powerful plugins and features that enhance your website’s scalability and usability. Not only that, you can update and maintain the website yourself with the browser of your choice.

IT Services

if you are looking to hire your own IT department it can be both time-consuming and really expensive. only maintaing the cost alone of acquiring the IT infrastructure you need can dig deep into your budget. Not to mention the hassle of hiring people to manage your IT requirements. You want to keep free yourself free these kind of problems if you choose to outsource your IT solutions to an outside firm. Basil Badwan Senior Technical person will take the responsibility and burden out of your hands. it is a common practice, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises. It is always very practical and the rewards it offers for businesses are highly beneficial.

Here Basil Badwan is Telling Us How to fight with challenges in life

Website Development

Need custom web development solutions for your website? No problem. Utilizing the vast array of WordPress frameworks and plugins, we can provide you an effective solution without recreating the wheel (and paying for it). Even if you have a website already, we can integrate your custom website solution to your existing site and have you on your way

Our team of analysts and consultants is highly skilled in IT services.our senior technical consultant Basil Badwan always provide best suggestion. we think differently from others about how to find and solve problems. our solutions is very unique .We value always our services and customer satisfaction.

we know very well Under in the business there is a lot of pressure, every business want growth that's why now a days use tenchlogy too much to promote and make a brand. Solid technical strategy will help in business increment. Looking for top IT technical consultant to create and implement your result oriented idea.Basil Badwan would be suggest best idea.

Ecommerce Solutions

Our robust e-commerce solutions will have you selling products and services online in no time at all. Whether you are a small non-profit organization looking for online donations or a large e-commerce business selling hundreds of products, we have a solution for you. With Lighthouse, you will drive more sales and conversions using our robust e-commerce services.

Conversion Optimization

When customers visit your website, they are looking for solutions to problems. With thought-provoking content and strategically placed call-to-action buttons and forms, your website users will turn into qualified leads. Don’t underestimate the importance of smart website layouts crafted by a website design professional. Converting prospects into customers is what we do!


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